Powervault / Monster Power Replacement Jumper Cable


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Smart cable with additional safety features.

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Smart cable with additional safety features.

Benefits of the Smart Cable

Short circuit protection
The no spark safety features ensures that your device is protected
Reverse polarity protection ensures there can never be a spark

If you incorrectly connect your Jump starter (red on black and black on red) the safety feature will not allow the current, protection you and your device.

Over-discharge protection
Anti-reverse charge protection
High Temperature Start protection

When the temperature of the jump starter is higher than 80 ℃,
the smart cable will suspend the current to protect the jump starter. Over heating would cause the cable to melt.

Protection from over cranking

Over cranking is one of the main reasons why cables fail

Low voltage start, LED will flash at the frequency of 1HZ
if the voltage is below 10.5V
Manual override button, this allows one to bypass some of the safety features as it will skip the health check, that may prevent a jumpstart if an irregularity is detected
Ease of use, safety, and reliability

Disadvantages of a Smart Cable

It cost more


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